My First Lesbian Date


Welcome all,

My name is Haley and I am 20 years old. After many (bad) relationships with guys I have finally found myself in a relationship with a female. I’m nervous to see where our relationship takes us, but it’s a good kind of nervous. It’s a butterflies-in-my-stomach-constantly-smiling type of nervous. You know? Maybe not.

I guess I should begin with how I jumped on to the lady train.

It all started on my month long adventure earlier this summer. My journey began in Australia where I spent a week playing with koalas and kangaroos. I then made my way back into the states where I reunited with my family. While staying with my grandparents in Texas I opened my Tinder app for the first time in a long time. But this time was different. I clicked my way to the settings screen. I switched my interests from men to women.

I was always curious. Curious about other women. I had pushed this curiosity as far away as I could for the longest time. But I found myself in a new place where no one but my family knows me. Now was the best time to let myself explore this part of myself I had kept hidden for so long.

I swiped and swiped until I stumbled across Emily.

We instantly hit it off and sparked up amazing conversation. We had so many of the same interests from career choices, to music and morals. She made me smile and laugh constantly and I could not contain my happiness. For the first time in a while I felt as if I was willing and ready to open up to someone again. I was ready to be vulnerable. Ready to love.

Emily and I made plans to meet up. She is a huge Texas Rangers fan so we went to a game together a week or so after we started talking. I rented a hotel room for us to stay in and she bought the tickets. Right when we met I could tell our relationship was better over text rather than in person. She wasn’t as outgoing and lovey as she made herself seem via IPhone. She seemed more worried about keeping up with her several group chats than holding a conversation with me.

But I kept digging.

I wanted this so bad. I wanted to have made the right decision about taking this risk. I kept pushing to be fun and flirty, hoping that she would reciprocate. After a few beers we found ourselves kissing as fireworks lit up the sky after Ranger baseball win. Not to bad for a first kiss.

This was in fact my first time kissing a girl and it felt amazing. So soft and so sweet.

Several hours later we made it back to our hotel room. All I wanted was to cuddle and watch a movie but Emily seemed pretty satisfied with staying on her own side of the bed. Again I was disappointed. Disappointed in myself for getting my hopes up and disappointed in her for being all talk over texts. She didn’t follow through with any of the romantic gestures she said she was so excited to do with me.

And so it was a flop.

Stay tuned to find out how I met my girlfriend…